Fire Protection Survey’s

Fire Protection Survey’s

On request we can offer annual compartmental survey to our clients and customers to determine a buildings fire protection compartments are satisfactory to conform to current building legislations and regulations.

Fire Protection is vital to the stability and integrity of a building or structure in case of fire. A building is separated into manageable areas of risk (Fire Compartments) by the use of passive fire protection measures which have proven fire performance properties. These fire stopping measures are designed to restrain the growth and spread of fire, allowing the building occupants time to escape safely.

The protection of the building structure from and during a fire is one of the most important aspects of its design. Inadequate or incorrectly installed fire protection systems could result in the premature loss of the structure or worse still, the loss of life

To avoid the spread of fire and smoke through compartmentation, all penetrations passing through compartment walls/ floors must be adequately sealed to manufactures spec. CRS Fire Protection has the extensive knowledge of the products and installation of mineral fibre batts, fire rated mastics and mortar compounds to keep compartmentation effective and adequate to fire protection regulations.

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